Welcome to the Broadband Over Power Line
Interference Resolution Web Site

provided as a public service by the
Utilities Telecom Council

This web site provides information for the public to contact broadband over power line (BPL) operators with systems deployed nearby that may be causing harmful interference to communications services. The web site is provided in accordance with Federal Communications Commission regulations (47 C.F.R. 15.615). There are two options: users may search the database by zip code or they may access all the information in the database for every BPL system.

Enter ZIP code:

Zip codes must be either five digits, or five-four e.g. 12345. Also note that the zip code search option will only return information on BPL systems in the zip code that is entered. Users are advised to search the surrounding zip codes or use the link below to view the information for all the BPL systems in the database to determine if there might be a BPL system nearby but not in the exact zip code where users suspect BPL interference is occurring.

Use the listing Link "BPL System Listing" to Access all the Information for Every BPL System